Wyndham History

Fanny Thomson of Little River.

Student Activity #3

Read the document about the Thomson family p.20 in From There to Here by Margaret Campbell.

  1. Which ramily members came first? When? From where? What kind of work did Charlie do?
  2. Describe how the family lived in the colony for the first few years.
  3. How important was the arrival of mail to the family? Why?
  4. From Fanny's perspective, how did she semm to find life in the colony? Would you have like to live then? Explain your answer.
  5. Why did the family have lodgers?
  6. Make a list of some of the major events of her time and how they affected life for the settlers.
  7. What problems did the farmers encounter frequently at the time?
  8. What two things did Charlie and Fanny do which imporved their living conditions?
  9. This extract provides a wealth of information about the area of Little River. Are there any highlights for you? What do you think of Fanny's attitude to life?
  10. This was a primary source - did this fact enhance the story for you? Discuss.