Wyndham History

William Ison of Werribee

Mr. William Ison, one of the area's first residents, was born at Cambridge, England in 1832. William was the eldest of 15 children. He left England on 18/ 10/ 1855 aged 22 years and arrived at  Portland, Victoria in 1855.


Student activity #4

Read the document about the Ison family p.32 in From There to Here.

  1. Taking into account your previously learned knowledge and the material in the document, why do you think Ison came to Australia? Provide evidence from the document to support your view.
  2. How successful do you think he was in his new life. Explain.
  3. Explain his relationship with the Chirnsides. What does this relationship tell you about him, and about the Chirnsides?
  4. What contribution did Ison make to the community?
  5. Is this document a primary or secondary source/respresentation of the past?
  6. What are the potentential problems of using this source/representation of the past? (Consider when it was written and who wrote it).
  7. What are the benefits of using this source/representation of the past?