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    The Lifeguard Milk Factory was located near the railway line at the end of Kelly Street, Werribee.
    Mr. Ford was the Manager.
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    This business was started by the Prentice family shortly after World War 1. There were several girls in the family. They were all good workers and helped establish the business. Jack Pincombe married one of the girls and progressively took over more responsibility as each girl married. He widened the sweep of the business by having firewood for sale.

    In the mid 1920s he started a milk transport round through Werribee South. With two horses and a lorry he would pick up full cans of milk and take them to the milk factory. Later this was done by motor truck.

    Dave Steele, a very popular Scot, worked for Pincombes for many years. Dave was given the round by Pincombe on their leaving Werribee. It then became Vincents Dairy.

    Since 1995 the corner was called the Dairy Plaza, incorporating a group of shops, parking and petrol pumps.
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