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    Anastasia Beamish's home in 23 Duncans Road, Werribee. The house was later owned by the Windsor family. It was demolished in 1982.

    This house was given to Anastasia Beamish (then a widow) by her two sons, John Beamish, born in Werribee 1860, and Francis Thomas Beamish born in Werribee 23 December 1865, as a token of love and gratitude for lending them money to help buy their properties in Werribee. 

    Anastasia arrived in Werribee with her parents, Abraham and Margaret Beamish, in 1852 on a sailing ship The Fanny.

    Anastasia was born at Bantry, County Cork, Ireland, 1839, died Werribee 6 August 1930.  Abraham was born at Skebbereen, County Cork, Ireland, 1831, died in Werribee 24 July 1900.  Abraham died Werribee 11 July 1861.  Margaret died Werribee 28 December 1881.  
    All are buried in the Werribee Cemetery.

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