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    A photograph of the soldiers of the Werribee 32nd Battalion 1939.
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    Volunteer Defence Corp. 1942.

    Some of the men pictured are: Keith Barnes, Harold Bond, Bill Cations, Warwick Cayley, Ken Clarke, Roy Davis, Eddie Hayley, Bert Hosking, Les King, Ted Le-Noury, Bob Morrison, Bob Sutherland, Harry Verity and Jim Wells.
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    1936 — During World War Two, Australian soldiers were stationed at a training camp on the Werribee racecourse.  United States servicemen also trained at Werribee.  The US Army Air Force built large hangars on the Geelong Road, near the Treatment Works, where one B-24 Liberator bomber, of the 287 supplied by the Americans to the RAAF, is housed today.

    Enemy ‘aliens’, European nationals living in Australia whose country of origin was at war with the Allies, were put to work on various farms throughout the district in a form of open detention. After the war many of them, mostly southern Europeans, stayed on taking up farms in Werribee—initially, not always to the approval of the old-time local farmers.
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    Nine soldiers in front of a tent. Possibly World War Two soldiers.
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