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    Frank O'Neill and one of his greyhounds on his pig farming property located on Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing. The picture was taken not long before 1969 as all of his greyhounds were killed in the 1969 bushfires. The property was severly damaged by the bushfires. Only the house remained.
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    The annual picnic sports conducted by the Truganina debating society was held on Friday, 28 October  1911.

    Back row:
    Mrs G. Cropley, John Robinson, J. Hegarty, R.D. Hopkins, J. Woods, R. Peacock, W. Robinson, J. Eades, G. Cropley, R. Hopkins

    Middle row: Mrs R. Peacock, Mrs James Robinson, Mr & Mrs James Missen, Mrs James Johnson, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Margaret Missen, Mrs W. Leake, Mr Henry Robinson.

    Front row: Mrs R.D. Hopkins, Mrs D. Taylor, J. Pitson, D. Taylor, J. Johnson, James Robinson, W. Missen, A. Leake, H.A. Davis. Lying along the front row George Harrison
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    Matthew Flinders first sighted the You Yangs in 1803. It is from this point at Flinders Peak, looking toward the Wombat State Forest, that is the birth place of the Werribee River.
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    The Rowsley Fault occured approximately 1,000,000 years ago. The fault changed the gradient in the Werribee Gorge, cutting the Gorge to its present depth of over 200 feet.
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    Aerial view of the Werribee Gorge shows tha many geological formations that this Gorge has.
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    This photo shows an ancient rock formation with unique flora to this area.
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    These are trees that have come to the Gorge since white settlement. They include blackwood trees and trees that are often found in the Mallee. A possible reason for this is seeds deposited from bird droppings.
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    The Werribee River in the base of the Werribee Gorge near Myrniong. The rocks in the river contain white stones mixed with lava, and the white rocks show scratch marks that can be identified under an electron microscope. They indicate these scratch marks were made with pressure from a glacier. These rocks can be found in several other places in the Werribee River over its entire lengh.
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    Looking from the base of the Werribee Gorge this apprears to be a volcano but in reality is a photo taken from the bottom of the Gorge - just an illusion. The ridges show soil erosion as a result of flooding.
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