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The house was built of wattle and daub construction for the Ison family. The bricks were quarried on the property. It is classified by the National Trust and is currently owned by the Rowe family.From: Wyndham | Our story / Geoff Hocking,…

The house and silo are the remaning features of the former Fowler farm and cheese factory.

Ruin of a house located on land originally occupied and acquired from the Crown by Simon Staughton.

Rectangular brick and timber building with a small shop at the front and residence at the rear.

House and small cluster of farm buildings located near the south-east corner of Aviation Road and Duncans Road.

An elaborate and finely detailed Victorian house within the Werribee township.

A retaining wall and plantings along the river and large trees scattered through a housing estate are all that remains of The Manor, a once grand house with extensive gardens.
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Small Victorian farm house located in Werribee township.

Edwardian timber house with gabled-hip roof.

A grand house with central tower being a fine expression of contemporary architecture of the late 1930s.