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The first photograph taken of Werribee Common School, No. 649 about 1862. The weatherboard school is at the front and the bluestone building at the back.

Group of school buildings of various ages.

A former school site bordered at the front by Duncans Road and on the other three sides by an irrigation channel.
truganina state school 192.jpg

Truganina State School circa 1940. The photograph is taken from the north side of the school and showing the entry porch. Coats and muddy shoes were placed in the porch. Note the stone wall on the right hand side of the photograph. This was used to…

A primary school comprising a number of buildings.
St Andrews.jpg

A church complex comprising a bluestone church, a later brick church, school and convent (pictured).
Little River PS.JPG

A small timber school built in two stages with later additions and portables.
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Bluestone complex of buildings in a ruined state close to the railway line to the east of the Little River township.