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'Welcome to Werribee' sign outside of the township advertising the local Service Clubs.
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The swimming hole at Cobbledicks Ford. It is known as the Frog Pool because in days gone by local children went tadpoling here.

Greetings from Werribee. From a postcard showing five pictures of landmarks in Werribee.
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This photo shows the Cottrell Street Ford in 1959, before major alterations to raise it height had been undertaken. Regular minor flooding closed the Ford, so that as the population grew higher bridge was essential.  The photo looks towards the…

Explorer Matthew Flinders climbs the highest point of the Young Yangs with three of his men. and surveyed the Werribee Plain. He named this point Station Peak, but is was renamed Flinders Peak in his honour in 1912.

Edwardian timber house with gabled-hip roof.

Charles Grimes, Surveyor-General of the Colony of New South Wales stands atop a small hill and takes in the Werribee Plain. He crosses the Kororoit and Skeleton creeks, three days later he came upon the Werribee River.

The Governor of Victoria, Sir Charles Henry Darling, announced in the Victoria Government Gazette [dated Friday 11 March 1864 p. 978] that the Wyndham Road District, having an area of one hundred square miles and collecting annual rates amounting to…

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