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Mayor 1986-1987
Mayor 1987
Mayor 1991-1992
Mayor 1999-2000

Shire President 1975-1976

Members of the O'Neill family in the front yard of the family home on their pig farming property in Hoppers Crossing. They are standing approximately where Beaurepaires in Old Geelong Road is at the moment, looking towards Bunnings.

Frank O'Neill and one of his greyhounds on his pig farming property located on Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing. The picture was taken not long before 1969 as all of his greyhounds were killed in the 1969 bushfires. The property was severly…

Shire President 1876-1878
Shire President 1879-1880
Shire President 1887-1888
Shire President 1888-1894

A brief history of the Michael Shanahan and his descendents,

Shire President 1981-1982
Mayor 1989-1990

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