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    Once again Thomas Chirnside led the donations, this time for the construction of the first church in Werribee, St Thomas’ Anglican Church. He started by donating an acre of land on the corner of Greaves and Synnot Streets, then added £100. The first church, a simple gabled weatherboard building with a small porch entry used as the church hall today, still stands behind the more expansive brick building constructed in 1900. A Mr Rodda conducted the first service in June of that year. The church was also used by several other denominations until their own could be built.

    The Greaves and Synnot Street site has a long history in the provision of religious services in Werribee. In 1851 Mr Fitzgibbons built the first house in Werribee there, and the first church service in the village was conducted from a cart-shed at the back of this house.
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