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Henry Robinson's school textbook - excerpt from March, 1885


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Henry Robinson's school textbook - excerpt from March, 1885


Text reads:

What is the best Fuel? Fat is the best fuel.
At what countries is it their chief food? It is the chief food of the arctic regions.
What does the native of the tropic prefer? The native of the tropic prefers and keeps himself cool on rice or dates or watery food.

Monday 2 March 1885

Why can a stout man survive longer without food than a lean man? Because he when he gets no food he lives on his own fat.
What ar (sic) hibernating animals? Animals that pass the winter in a torpor.
Give examples: Examples the bear, jerboa, marmot, dormouse, bat and other generally grown plump before they retire into winter quarters.
How are they sustained during winter? They are sustained during winter in their caves and burrows.

[uncertain of text] the butler fell on his knees, confessed his fault and begged to be forgiven but the duke ordered him to give the boy the sovereign and quit his service at once







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