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Angus McLeod (1887-1915)



25 November 1914


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Angus McLeod

Birth Date

Service Number


Enlistment Date

Next of Kin

Mrs Christine McLeod, Mother

Address at time of Enlistment

c/- Post Office, Warburton, Victoria.


Marital Status


Death Date

Place of Burial

At sea, off Gallipoli.

Biographical Text

No.956  Private Angus McLeod
[or R. McLeod]
Angus McLeod was born at Little River in 1887 to William McLeod and Christine McLennan. This was his father’s second marriage, and they had five children:

  • Mary McLeod - born 1879 at Little River to William McLeod and Christina McLennan*
  • Alexander Albert (Alec) McLeod - born 1881 at Little River to William McLeod and Christina McLennan **(lived at Court House Hotel, Lismore, NSW) (He was the N.O.K. for Pte John McLeod)
  • William Kenneth McLeod - born 1882 at Little River ***
  • Hugh Thomas McLeod - born 1884 at Little River ****
  • Angus McLeod - born 1887 at Little River

Angus’s father, William McLeod’s first marriage was to Christina McAdie, and they had two children, who were step-siblings of Angus:

  • John McLeod - born at Steglitz and his birth registered at Anakie in 1877, to William McLeod and Christina C. Adie # (he subsequently enlisted as No.2196, Pte John McLeod, 7th Battalion, 1877-1918)(K.I.A. in France)
  • Christine Catherine McLeod - born 1878 at Anakie ##

Angus’s mother, Christine McLennan’s first marriage was to James McAdie, and they had two children, who were step-siblings of Angus:

  • William James McAdie - born 1871 at Darlington. Died at Darlington in 1872.
  • Emily Anne Victoria McAdie - born 1873 at Darlington.

Pre War
At the time of his enlistment in December 1914, Angus McLeod was living at Warburton in Victoria with his mother, where he worked as a labourer.

War Service
Angus McLeod enlisted in the A.I.F. at Melbourne on 25 December 1914, and was sent to the Training Camp at Broadmeadows. He completed basic training on 2 March 1915, and he was appointed to the 5th Reinforcements for the 4th Light Horse Regiment.

Fifty citizens of East Warburton held a farewell function for Private Angus McLeod in their local hall, on 20 March 1915.  Speakers there expressed the highest admiration for their latest volunteer, who was about to depart with the Expeditionary Forces, as obseved by The Lilydale Express, 26 March 1915, page 5.

At the age of 27 years, Private Angus McLeod, No. 956, embarked at Melbourne on 7 May 1915, per H.M.A.T. Palermo A56, with the 5th Reinforcements for the 4th Light Horse Regiment. Their ship sailed to Egypt, and after disembarking, he continued his training in the dessert outside of Cairo.

Private McLeod arrived at Anzac Cove on 5 August 1915, and joined the 4th Light Horse at Ryrie’s Post. His campaign there lasted almost two months, until 6 October 1915, when he received a gunshot wound to his abdomen. The 4th Light Horse at that time were under heavy bombardment, based in Leane’s Trench.

He was evacuated to the Hospital Ship Rewa, which was stationed off shore, but he succumbed to his wounds on the following day, 7 October 1915. His body was then buried at sea, four miles off shore, and a service was conducted by the Reverend B. Heelan.

His name is commemorated on the Lone Pine Memorial, on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

A package of Angus McLeod’s personal effects was delivered to his mother on 22 May 1916. She signed the receipt in a very frail signature. Then, just one month later, she died on 29 June 1919.

After his mother’s death, Angus McLeod’s service file was amended to show that his elder full brother, Alex McLeod, was now the official next of kin. His three service medals, Memorial Scroll and Memorial Plaque were sent to his brother, Alex McLeod. 

Medals and Entitlements

  • 1914/15 Star - No. 365
  • British War Medal - No.11023
  • Victory Medal - No.10976
  • Memorial Plaque & Memorial Scroll - No.319333

There is a studio portrait of Angus McLeod at The Australian War Memorial.  

Name on the Werribee Shire Oak Board: McLEOD, R

Name on the Little River Honour Board: Private McLEOD, R

The name "McLeod, R., Little River" first appeared in the Roll of Honor, Werribee Shire Banner, 13 February 1919, p.3. 

In 1919, Mr James McLeod won a tender to asphalt one tennis court at the Werribee Tennis Club. Werribee Shire Banner, 31 July 1919, p.2.
[Possible relative]

In July 1933, Constable (J. McKenzie McLeod) and Mrs McLeod were farewelled from Little River Police Station.
Werribee Shire Banner, 27 July 1933, p.5.
[Possible relative]

Angus's mother - Christina McLeod, age 57, (Born c1862, died 29 June 1919) Buried Bairnsdale Cemetery
Died Bairnsdale 1919/10270, F. Robertson Laughlan, M. Christina McLennon
(Australian Death Index 1787-1985) Last residence: Bemm River Upper. 

Information in the Service File of his deceased step-brother - No.2196, Pte John McLeod, 7th Battalion, 1877-1918.
(This helps to understand the relationship between all of the siblings)

  1. F38 Receipt dated 5 April 1919, Effects of the late Pte J McLeod. Accepted by W. K. McLeod (brother).
  2. F35 Letter dated 14 May 1918 to Mother. Mrs C. C. McLeod. Effects of J. McLeod forwarded. (Waterproof wallet, note book, photos, cards, trinket, key)
  3. F38 A letter dated 4 June 1920 from A.I.F. to Mrs C. McLeod. Who is the NOK of Pte A. McLeod?
  4. F40 A letter dated 14 June 1920 from Curator of Estates of Deceased Persons. Angus McLeod left his estate to his mother, Mrs Christina McLeod. She died on 22 May 1919. Husband predeceased her. Angus McLeod left six brothers and sisters surviving:
  • John McLeod - Since died on 18 April 1918.
  • William Kenneth McLeod - Since died on 25 May 1919
  • Alexander Albert McLeod - Residing at East Warburton
  • Mrs Christina Croucher - Residing at Perry St, Mudgee, New South Wales
  • Miss Mary McLeod - Last known address was The Ballarat Asylum
  • Ann Emily McAdie (half-sister) - Residing at 1202 Mair Street, Ballarat
  1. F31 Letter dated 6 November 1920 from A. McAdie: "I understand that the Defence Dept has issued forms to the relatives of deceased soldiers in France, in connection with graves there, but as yet we have not received one – perhaps on account of our mother’s death. The late Mrs C McLeod of Warburton. Next of Kin of the late Pte J McLeod, (No 2196. 7th Batt) and late Trooper A. McLeod, No 956, 4th Light Horse. I am the only surviving member of the late Mrs C. McLeod’s first family of her former marriage, and half-sister to the deceased soldiers. Of her second marriage, the eldest now living is also a daughter and full sister to the deceased soldiers. There is also a brother, younger. Kindly let me know who you consider Next of Kin? If you will send me the forms; - after consulting my half sister and brother – I shall be only to pleased to fill it in and return at once. I also wish to know if the Defence Dept will allow us to have the name, rank, and where wounded of our youngest brother, the late Trooper A. McLeod, put on the head-stone of our eldest brother, Pte J McLeod, in France. My reason for asking this favour is Trooper A. McLeod was wounded at Gallipoli, but buried at sea, about 4 miles from Anzac. Should you desire the names and addresses of the sister and brother I shall be pleased to send them – they are both at present in N.S.W. Enclosed please find addressed envelope for reply. I am respectfully yours, A. McAdie."
  2. F33 Letter dated 11 November 1920 to Miss A. McAdie, Ballarat. "In reply to yours of 6th November 1920. The legal N.O.L. of your two step brothers is recorded as brother A. A. McLeod. It is noted you state he is living in NSW. Will you advise his permanent address. Circular Forms “A” were despatched to the mother of the late soldier on 19th and 29th Dec last, respectively, and as same have not been returned, a communication will be sent to the brother of the late soldiers, asking him, if in the event of his not desiring to complete the circulars, he be willing to forego his claims in your favour."
  3. F32 Letter dated 16 November 1920 from Miss A. McAdie: "To Officer Base Records, Yours to hand in reply to my letter 6th Nov 1920. As requested I’m enclosing my half brother’s address and only surviving brother of the deceased soldiers No.2196 Pte J McLeod, 7th Btn, and 956 Tpr A. McLeod, 4th L.H. Regt. Address Alex A. McLeod, Court House Hotel, Lismore, NSW. I am yours respectfully (Miss) A. McAdie" Formal Acknowledgement sent 19.11.20


  1. F27 Letter dated 23 November 1920 to A. A. McLeod. Re permanent memorials to the two late brothers. Will he fill in the forms, or forego in favour of Miss A McAdie? F26 Letter dated 30 November 1920 from A. A. McLeod. He is willing to forego his claim in favour of Miss A. McAdie.
  2. F25 Letter dated 6 December 1920 to Miss A. McAdie 1202 Mair Street Ballarat, re her two step brothers’ J. McLeod and A. McLeod. Mr A A McLeod is willing to forego his claim, in favour of her.
  3. F24 Letter dated 10 February 1921 from Mrs A. McAdie, 1202 Mair Street, Ballarat, re N.O.K. Badge for J. McLeod
  4. F44 receipt dated 23 December 1921 for Memorial scroll for Pte J. McLeod. Signed by A. A. McLeod
  5. F28 Letter dated 19 January 1926 from Miss A. McAdie, 1202 Mair Street, Ballarat. To the O.I.C. Base Records, Defence Dept. Enclosed please find application form filled in for two registrations. Kindly send me the designated one of the ???? General report as per slip 1/3. For same and the two Regs, and am enclosing postal notes to the amount of 7/3. "Dear Sir, thank you for notifying me that a communication addressed to my half-brother Alec A McLeod, Lismore, has been returned. Will write him and send all particulars as he is now at Toowoomba Queensland. Gratefully yours, Miss A. McAdie, 1202 Mair St Ballarat."

The closest match for "McLeod R." is Air Mechanic Roy Angus McLeod, a clerk of Dryburgh Street, North Melbourne. He served at the Laverton Base and was appointed to the 1st Reinforcements for the Australian Flying Corp on 14 February 1916.  It is not thought to be him, as there is no connection to Little River.

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Unit War Diary


Service Record

Pioneer Index 1837-1888 CD
Federation Index 1889-1901 CD
Edwardian Index 1902-1913 CD
Great War Index 1914-1920 CD

Medals and Entitlements

1914-15 Star
British War Medal
Victory Medal


“Angus McLeod (1887-1915),” Wyndham History, accessed June 9, 2023, http://wyndhamhistory.net.au/items/show/2431.


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