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Discovering our stories through gathering and sharing Wyndham's Heritage with the world


  • Empower our community to contribute by sharing their photos, stories and other treasures with the world
  • Provide useful and interesting information about the history of Wyndham and its people
  • Inspire our community to explore and discover stories, both told and untold
  • Preserve memories and stories for future generations of Wyndham residents

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“WYNDHAM: OUR STORY” (Media Release)

Two years in the making, this major history project about Wyndham and its residents was launched on 21st November, 2013 at the Point Cook Homestead.

Wyndham Mayor, Cr Heather Marcus, said the history of Wyndham and its residents was captured in a history book, “Wyndham: Our Story,” and is complemented by an interactive website which showcases the stories of people, places and objects of historical significance.

 “The book is a beautiful pictorial history from the first settlers to present day and was commissioned by Wyndham City in 2010,” Cr Marcus said.

“It has been created in time for 2014, when we will be celebrating 150 years since Wyndham was proclaimed a Shire. The Shire was first named Wyndham, in honour of Major General Sir Henry Wyndham, a hero of the Napoleonic wars, with whom pioneering resident, hotelier Elliot Armstrong, had served.”

“The book is available to the public for purchase to read for pleasure, browse, to give as a gift or use as a reliable reference tool. It will be very interesting to those residents who have called Wyndham home for generations, and for newcomers who wish to see the major events that have made Wyndham the rich and diverse place it is today.”

“The book has been written and designed by well-known author Geoff Hocking. Geoff has worked in London and Australia and has published 28 books, mostly on Australian social history themes.”

“While the book captures the overall story and Wyndham’s critical role in Victorian history, the website will hold details of places and events and the many stories and pictures of those who have lived here.”

“The website also features photographs, oral histories, an interactive timeline and online classroom. Residents and community groups can add content, including stories and photographs.”

“Residents can write about life in Wyndham before and now, and the website will be an everlasting testament to residents’ history in the City.”

“Material on the site will be indexed and searchable from the National Library’s “Trove” search engine, ensuring Wyndham’s stories of the past and present are shared on a grand scale. An interactive Wyndham map will display the location of historical sites and artefacts of interest.”

Visit www.wyndham.vic.gov.au to order either the hardback or paperback edition of the book.

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To find out more about Wyndham's local history, you can contact the Family History Librarian by phone or email: 

Phone 8734 2600

Email: FamilyHistory.Librarian@wyndham.vic.gov.au