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Wyndham ANZAC Project 1914-1918

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Wyndham ANZAC Project 1914-1918


Biographical information on the residents from the Werribee Shire who served in World War One, 1914-1918.

The original project started by researching only the 376 names listed on the Werribee RSL Honor Board

During this research, we discovered other Honor Boards held throughout the municipality. 

Many names of soldiers and nurses from Wyndham were not listed on the Werribee RSL Honor Board.  These names now form what we now refer to as the Supplementary List : ANZAC Project 1914-1919.

The following is a list of known Honor Boards in the Wyndham municipality:

Other known boards that are no longer part of the municipality of Wyndham:


Wyndham City Libraries


Ian Cropper ;
William Strong ;
Andrea Cooper ;
Heinz Freisler ;
Judith Murphy ;
Sandra King ;
Rebecca M.


Soldiers - Werribee (Vic.)