Wyndham History

Wyndham or Werribee?

Sir Henry Wyndham <br />
© National Portrait Gallery, London

Sir Henry Wyndham © National Portrait Gallery

Port Phillip Government Gazette, 22 May 1850, p. 417

Port Phillip Government Gazette, 22 May 1850 p.417

The village we know as Werribee was officially gazetted by the Colonial Secretary office in Sydney 9th May 1850.

It was proclaimed in the Port Phillip Gazette 22 May 1850.

" Notice is hereby given, that a site had been fixed upon for a village at the under mentioned place namely : Wyndham , in the district of Port Phillip"

The locals disliked the name Wyndham, (which was named after British General Sir H. Wyndham - who fought against Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815) and preferred the Aboriginal name - Werribee.