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  • William Thompson Muir 1845-1924 -  Head Teacher at Truganina 1875-1903.jpg

    William Thompson Muir, 1845-1924.
    Head Teacher at Truganina School 1875-1903.
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  • textbook entry from monday 2nd march 1885.jpg

    Text reads:

    What is the best Fuel? Fat is the best fuel.
    At what countries is it their chief food? It is the chief food of the arctic regions.
    What does the native of the tropic prefer? The native of the tropic prefers and keeps himself cool on rice or dates or watery food.

    Monday 2 March 1885

    Why can a stout man survive longer without food than a lean man? Because he when he gets no food he lives on his own fat.
    What ar (sic) hibernating animals? Animals that pass the winter in a torpor.
    Give examples: Examples the bear, jerboa, marmot, dormouse, bat and other generally grown plump before they retire into winter quarters.
    How are they sustained during winter? They are sustained during winter in their caves and burrows.

    [uncertain of text] the butler fell on his knees, confessed his fault and begged to be forgiven but the duke ordered him to give the boy the sovereign and quit his service at once
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  • truganina state school 192.jpg

    Truganina State School circa 1940. The photograph is taken from the north side of the school and showing the entry porch. Coats and muddy shoes were placed in the porch.

    Note the stone wall on the right hand side of the photograph. This was used to separate the girls and boys at play time.

  • trug school 5.jpg

    Truganina State School, No. 192

    Back row: Stan McDougall, Horace McDougall, Stan Cropley, Horace Reid, Fred Burns, Barney Marquand, Harold Cropley, John Harrison, Willie Hannan.

    Middle row: Doris Cropley, Margaret Robinson, Dorrie Evans, Lizzie McDougall, Irene Hannan, Phillis Bunting, Jean McDougall, Gladdie Evans, Maisie Hopkins.

    Front row: Jack McDougall, Frank Robinson, Lou Hopkins, Don McDougall, ALex McDougall, Les Reid.

    Teacher: Mr Clarrie Allen.

    The dog belonged to the teacher who residence was next to the school.

  • trug school 3.jpg

    Photograph of students from Truganina State School c1903.

    Back row: Cyril Robinson, James Robinson, Mr. T. Huthnance, Archie Missen.

    Second row: Henry Robinson, Charlie Marquand, William Robinson, Joe Robinson, Harold Robinson, Alfred Leake, Les Missen, Duncan Hopkins.

    Third row: Mable Missen, May Cropley, Alice Evans, Ethel Missen, Ruby Townsing, Annie Hopkins, Connie Townsing.

    Front row: Bert Marquand, Stan Robinson, Harry Townsing.

  • trug school 2 1915 1.jpg

    Photograph of students from Truganina State School in 1915.

    Back row: Carrie Leake, Ettie Leake, May Harrison, Dolly Bounty, Jean Didier, Gladys Marquand, Olive Peacock, Maisie Didier.

    Middle row: Tom Robinson, Reggie Peacock, George Cropley, Douglas Robinson, Allen Missen, Roy Marquand.

    Front row: George Harrison, Paul Didier, Jack Harrison, George Peacock, Davie Robinson.

    Teacher: Mr L B Boulduan

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