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Werribee RSL Honor Board


An alphabetical list of soldiers and nurses from the Wyndham area named on the Honour Board held at the Werribee RSL, 2A Synnot Street, Werribee.

This Honor board was originally located at the Wyndham Council offices.




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This Honor board was originally commissioned by Werribee Shire Council at the suggestion of Cr. Maher (and seconded by Cr Shaw) in July 1915.
Werribee Shire Banner, 1 July 1915, p.3. 

By February 1917, the Honor board committee "... recommended the purchase of a blackwood board large enough for 400 names".
Werribee Shire Banner,
1 February 1917, p.3.

Advertisements were then placed by D. A. Little, Shire Secretary in the local press calling for "...Parents and relatives of Soldiers who have enlisted from the Shire of Werribee are earnestly requested to forward particulars ... so that the names may be inscribed on the Shire Honor board"
Werribee Shire Banner, 7 November 1918, p.2.

A last call out for names was placed in the local press in  June 1919. "The revised list of names to be placed on the Werribee Shire Roll of Honor is available for inspection at the Shire Hall during the next few days. Every person interested should inspect the list without delay".
Werribee Shire Banner,
19 June 1919, p.2.
● Killed in Action  
Aitken, E. B.
Alcock, J. 
Anderson, E. J.
Anderson, J. S.
Anderson, S. T.
Anderson, W. A.
Armstrong, E. W.
Arthur, B
Atkins, S.
Attewell, F.
Bailes, J. 
Balding, B.
Baldwin, R.
Banks, S. 
Barrett, A.
Barrett, C.
Barrett, E.
Barrett, L. W.
Barrett, S. J.
Barrett, S. L.
Barrett, W.
Bayley, P. R.
Beamish, W.
Beamish, W. A.
Beamish, H. H. 
Beamish, H. W.
Berry, E. L. 
Bidson, G.
Birch, S. J.
Black, S.
Boadle, A.
Booth, J. I.
Booth, T. H.
Booth, W. R. 
Brassil, S.
Brown, F.
Brown, G.
Brown, R. J.
Bryant, S. 
Butt, A. T.
Callan, C. J.
Cameron, A. R.
Cameron, J. A. 
Cameron, W. D.
Campigli, D.
Canny, J. A.
Canty, P. J. 
Carter, W.
Casey, R.
Cason, R.
Cations, F. J. 
Cations, R.
Cayley, W.
Cecil, R.
Chamberlain, C.
Chamberlain, H.
Chamberlain, J. H. 
Chamberlain, L.
Chamberlain, T. A.
Champion, J. 
Chegwin, A.  P. 
Chirnside, I.
Chirnside, P.
Chirnside, P. E. F.
Cockerell, J. 
Collins, W.
Colvin, V.
Condie, G.
Connop, J. 
Connop, E. 
Connors, P.
Conron, F. J.
Cooke, J. J.
Cousens, R.
Cowling, P.
Crilly, G. B.
Crockford, W.
Curle, O. 
Dalrymple, J.
Daniels, C.
Davis, A.
Davis, G. T. 
Deacon, J.
Delaney, E. 
Delaney, E. 
Delaney, H. 
Delaney, M.
Dempsey, G.
Dempsey, H.
Dennis, A.
Densley, H. P.
Doherty, A.
Donohue, J.
Douglas, R.
Dukelow, W. 
Dunn, F. 
Dunne, C. H.
Dunne, R. A. 
Dunne, W. J. 
Eddy, S. (Jnr)
Eddy, S. (Snr)
Edwards, F. J.
Edwards, L.
Edwards, R.
Edwards, R. W.
Emery, C.
Engebrigtsen, E.
Ewart, T.
Fegent, T. G.
Field, J. H.
Fisher, F.
Flanagan, D.
Flanagan, P.
Fogarty, P. J.
Fogarty, W. F. 
Fowler, T. W.
Franklin, B. F.
Fullarton, J. R.
Gabrielson, E.
Gardner, J. 
Gardner, P. 
Gilmour, F.
Gladstone, E.
Goodwin, J. H.
Grant, A.
Grant, A. N.
Grant, C.
Grant, K.
Gray, W. A.
Gray, H. 
Graymore, E.
Green, A. 
Green, W.
Grigg, D. D.
Grigg, W. A.
Grigg, W. C.
Guest, C. 
Hallinan, M.
Hanley, D. D.
Hansford, W.
Hardman, T.
Harrison, J.
Harvey, L.
Harvey, R. M. 
Hassen, L. R.
Hassen, V. L.
Heaney, P.
Heatherton, Alb. 
Heatherton, Art. 
Hester, V.
Higgins, F.
Higgins, S.
Hildebrand, C. 
Hill, J. H. 
Hodgson, C. L.
Hogan, J.
Hogan, M. L.
Hogarth, L.
Hulse, P.
Hurst, H.
Hussey, R.
Hyde, A. V.
Hyde, E. E.
Imy, W.
Johnson, A. R.
Johnson, H. T.
Johnson, W. G. 
Jones, C. W.
Jones, D.
Jones, L.
Jones, S. P.
Kennedy, W.
Kichner, W.
Kingsbury, C.
Kranz, H.
Kyd, A.
Laird, R. M.
Lane, M.
Langdon, E. L.
Langdon, P. C.
Latham, E. J.
Lay, F. H. 
Lay, N.
Lay, R. S.
Le Nowry, E.
Leake, A. R.
Lee, J.
Levings, A.
Lewis, A.
Lewis, E. W. 
Lilley, A. E.
Liston, C.
Little, D. B.
Little, G. T.
Little, L. P.
Lord, W. H. 
Lowman, J. A.
Lyndon, H. R.
Madden, W.
Maher, A. W.
Maher, B.
Maher, F. X.
Maher, W. F.
Maher, W. J.
Mansell, W. C.
Marley, J. M.
Marquand, C. A.
Marshall, B.
McCrindle, K.
McDonald, D.
McDonald, H.
McDonald, J.
McDonald, L.
McDonald, W.
McDougall, S. V.
McEwan, G.
McGregor, R.
McIntosh, J. D.
McIntosh, S. (Nurse)
McKellar, B.
McKenzie, G.
McKeown, J. A. H. 
McLean, A. P.
McLeod, R.
McMahon, B.
McMahon, H.
McMillan, A.
McMillan, D.
McMurray, G.
McMurray, J. C.
McNaughton, K. (Nurse)
McNulty, H. C.
McPherson, A.
McTigue, J.
Meadows, W. 
Miller, C. 
Milne, W. 
Minnett, S.
Moreton, C. K.
Moreton, H. 
Morris, A. H.
Morris, H. S.
Morris, L. G. 
Morrison, J. J.
Morrow, T.
Mossop, J.
Muirson, K. J.
Murfett, L.
Murphy, F.
Newland, E.
Newland, H. E.
Newland, L. E. 
Newland, W. A.
Newton, E.
Newton, N.
Newton, R. 
Nolan, I. C.
O’Brine, H. D. 
Ogilvie, A.
O'Keefe, E.
O'Keefe, H.
O'Keefe, J.
O'Meara, P. L.
Orr, R.
Parker, S. 
Pavey, A.
Peacock, A. H.
Peacock, E. W.
Peacock, H.
Peacock, T.
Phillips, J. S.
Poll(e)y, H.
Poole, A.
Porter, E.
Porter, H. S.
Pugh, E.
Quick, R.
Rayner, E.
Rayner, J.
Reidy, P.
Rhoades, H.
Roberts, C.
Roberts, D.
Roberts, F.
Roberts, J. A.
Robertson, C. E. 
Robinson, S. M. 
Rogers, L. J. 
Ross, J. W. 
Routledge, E.
Rowan, A. G. 
Rowden, C.
Rush, T.
Ryan B.
Ryan, F.
Ryan, J.
Ryan, J. J. P. 
Sadler, W. H.
Scott, E. H. 
Sewell, A. T.
Sewell, T.
Sexton, J. J.
Shaw, A.
Shaw, L.
Sheehan, W.
Shepherd, B. 
Shepherd, G. H. 
Shepherd, H. J.
Sherry, R. H.
Sinn, C. E.
Skene, T.
Skyes. R. 
Smart, J. or G. 
Smith, H. G.
Stambridge, D. T.
Steane, B.
Stewart, A.
Stewart, L. G.
Stewart, R.
Stewart, R.
Stuart, G. 
Stubberfield, E.
Swanton, G. 
Swanton, H. 
Swanton, J. 
Sykes, R.
Tangey, A. G.
Tarran, L.
Taylor, L. G.
Taylor, N. A.
Taylor, V. B.
Templeton, F. J.
Thompson, D. J.
Thompson, J. W.
Tolhurst, W.
Tomblin, A.
Toohey, W.
Towe, E.
Towe, L. 
Travers, F. J. J. 
Travers, J. R.
Travers, T. B. V.
Tregilgis, S.
Trim, A. E.
Turner, A.
Turner, H.
Turner, R. 
Tyrer, N. C. 
Tyzack, C. W.
Verity, L.
Vinall, C. W. H.
Wade, H.
Walker, W.
Warden, E. R.
Warwick, D.
Watt, W.
West, C. J.
West, E. J.
Williams, J. J.
Wills, A.
Wills, G. C. 
Wills, R. J. 
Wilson, D.
Wilson, S.
Wilson, S. R.
Wilson, W. N.
Woodcock, J.
Young, J.
● Killed in Action


“Werribee RSL Honor Board,” Wyndham History, accessed October 2, 2023, https://wyndhamhistory.net.au/items/show/1695.


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